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100 + 100 Free Spins
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Progressive Slots

Progressive slots and slot machines have a jackpot on the player's stake. Depending on the game, the jackpot only applies to a specific slot machine or multiple slot machines, whereby the jackpot is affected by the stakes on the entire network. The networks may only concern one or more online casinos. Megabucks is a good example of a game whose network extends to more casinos.

Jackpot meter

What all progressive slot machines have in common is a jackpot meter that indicates the current value of the jackpot. A colorful and large meter is usually found at the top of the slot machine. As the slot machine spins, the jackpot can literally be seen to grow in the eyes. Jackpot meters are also found on most gambling websites, which focus on online casinos and slot machines.

The maximum bet

The important thing to remember when playing progressive slots is that the jackpot can only be won at maximum bet. Maximum bet is not always desirable in all slot games, but progressive games are not worth playing unless you are ready to play at maximum bet. It wouldn't be terribly nice to hit a jackpot qualifying combination, but for a smaller bet you have to settle for a small payout.

Other progressive games

Progressive games can be found among non-slot machines. In addition to progressive video poker, progressive jackpots are regularly featured at Caribbean Stud Poker. The progressive jackpot can also be won at a number of table games or poker rooms, commonly referred to as the 'bad beat jackpot'.

In progressive video poker games, the profitability threshold may change. Video poker has well-known odds because the game simulates a real deck of cards - for example, a king flush appears on average in every 40,000 hands. If the progressive jackpot grows big enough, the game can rarely be positive from the player's point of view.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a progressive card game developed by ShuffleMaster based on five-card hands. The progressive jackpot is won by the king flush and 10% of the jackpot winnings are flush when you place an additional bet on the euro. Developed by Microgaming, Triple Sevens Blackjack is a popular example of a progressive jackpot blackjack game.

In this game, you win the jackpot by gaining three checkers. Other sevens also give you small jackpot winnings. Progressive blackjack can be played especially at stake casinos, but with varying payouts. The unifying factor in all progressive blackjacks is that you need to place a side bet on the jackpot before it can even be sought after.