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SuprPlay Limited has done it again: it has been able to quietly develop a new-age casino adventure that has never been seen before! Duelz Casino is a brand new online gambling site that combines traditional casino gaming with a super modern casino adventure.

Gamification, or gamification, is now the most advanced of any online casino so far. Created according to current trends, Duelz will, according to our bets, hit the Gold Room directly: this is what we wanted, this is wanted!

So the casino market will certainly never be the same again, and not only the full version, but also Duelz's mobile will now show others the direction in which development is headed. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, it works great.

So what makes this casino so special? There are already a lot of casino adventures on the site - how can Duelz start to revolutionize the internet now? Well, first of all, this casino is primarily aimed at mobile gamers, while most new casinos featuring casino adventure work best in full version, that is, when played on a computer.

Duelz casino in a nutshell

There is plenty to do at this casino, both in terms of traditional casino gaming and in terms of this completely new way of playing. This means that not only the casino is fighting for profits, but the customers can also take their money from one another.

This similar feature has already become familiar with SuprPlay Limited's previous skill show, VoodooDreams, an online casino that has captured many Finns. However, Duelz has included a much larger number of features as well as the ability to chat with an opponent. New dimensions are indeed known.

The theme is rich in references to various RPG games. And what are they? Computer roleplaying games, which are in a very high spiral these days. So where does this appear? For example, in the characters of the player, the heroes. They represent the characters and worlds of a wide variety of computer role-playing games. Duelz Casino looks and feels really fresh and has never been seen before at online casinos.

The idea of ??the casino adventure is that at the outset, each player chooses his or her own hero character. As the game and story progress, the hero accumulates different spells, experience points, but also treasures and various important items to make this a stronger case.

The adventure begins with a kind of prison trap, from which the hero begins his quest for a diamond castle rising above the air. Along the way, it hurts and happens! The hero faces a lot of challenges and challenges, but he also gets great rewards that help the story progress.