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Live Casino

Although the first live casino was released almost in 2007, it is a relatively new and growing online casino game. Live casinos have not yet broken through in the last decade, but over the past couple of years it has become one of the trump cards of casinos. What's so appealing about Live Casinos? Why Do Many Online Casinos Offer a Live Casino Feature? What to consider when playing at a live casino? A casino shark will help you with these and many other things.

Best Live Casino 2020

When choosing a casino, the choice of games at live casinos is not as important as perhaps other casino services. The games are pretty much the same everywhere. It's a good idea to choose a casino based on where it works and where you enjoy yourself. The best live casinos are clear in appearance. Playing at a live casino itself is no different from playing at a regular online casino The tables are managed by the right person instead of the machine, so of course the pace of the game is a bit slower. However, live casinos have the same amount of cash, winnings and losses as any other cash table. So the basic principle is no different: have fun and play and the happiest and most skilled will walk the table with winnings.

What Is Live Casino?

Of course, the best casinos also offer live games. Live Casino is a fun, real-time and entertaining way to play at the casino. In practice, live casino gaming is like playing blackjack, roulette or other table games, just like you would normally. The difference is that the cards are dealt or the roulette spins are played by the right people, which you follow through a webcam image on your screen. So it's not a breathless machine that blows cold numbers to the table, but a wonderful, human experience. At a live casino, you can communicate with the dealer and other players via chat and the sounds around you, such as the rustle of cards, the rumble of the roulette and the noise of the casino, sound like your real casino. Live casino gambling is a bit like watching a real casino tournament on TV, but with the difference that you are playing from your own couch.

Games and Software

Live casinos are technically and graphically very similar. This is because Evolution Gaming and Playtech are responsible for all live casino services in today's online casino market. Of course, these game makers also make slot games, which is why casino games can also resemble live casino games in terms of their graphics.