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Playtech Casinos

At the beginning of the wave of online casinos at the beginning of the new millennium, developer Playtech was one of the first companies to provide us with high-quality slot machines. In addition, more and more different genres of gambling, such as live casino, poker or bingo, have been integrated into their own software. The Playtech casinos quickly developed an excellent reputation, in which the casino bonus, range of games, security and customer service are in a very good relationship. But in 2015 the shock came when the company announced that it would no longer offer its software in Germany due to the unresolved legal situation. To our delight, however, the Playtech casinos are now on the way to withdrawing from the withdrawal and are starting to appeal to us players in the country.

Playtech casinos offer everything there is from a single source

Another reason Playtech casinos stand out from the crowd is the fact that the developer can deliver pretty much everything the market has to offer at the moment. The group itself has numerous software studios for a wide range of areas from bingo to poker to scratch cards and sports betting. In addition, even new fields such as virtual sports, randomly generated competitions, are also offered and are particularly popular with the younger target group. It is precisely this enormous range from a single source that is the advantage of Playtech casinos, because you benefit from this especially if you like to be away from the slot machines.

Playtech casinos are the gambling temple of bliss for superhero fans

For some years now, the superheroes from the comic universes have been ruling the cinema landscape and if you, as a fan of this genre, also like to gamble a bit on slot machines, you cannot avoid Playtech casinos. Because these virtual arcades are practically the gambling temples of happiness for all lovers of DC comics. No matter whether Batman, the Avenger of the Night, Superman, the flying hero in tights or even the ultimate group of superheroes, the Justice League, they all meet up at Playtech casinos. But in addition to these exclusive slots with superheroes, there is also a whole range of great slot machines based on well-known cinema strips. It is precisely this mixture of high quality and well-known brands that makes the range of slots in the Playtech Casino stand out from the gray mass on the market.