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Three-card poker is a popular variation of poker that is always played against the house dealer instead of other human players, using only three cards. In a fun game, the size of the win depends on how valuable the player is in making the hand.

In a way, the game is a combination of classic five card poker and video poker. The game has grown in popularity and the game has also been added to the casino games range. The game is still relatively young compared to other board games since the game was only developed in 1994.

Playing Three Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a poker game where the final outcome is more determined by the skill of the player, even though the game contains a strategic element. Three-card poker is played with the normal 52-card deck and there are versions of the game that differ slightly from the rules of the game.

The aim of the game, regardless of the form of the game, is quite simple. The player tries to get the most valuable hand possible using three starting cards. The game begins by placing a starting bet on the table, after which the house dealer hands the playing cards to the table. How much money the game wins depends on the version being played. The most popular versions of the game are Pair Plus and Ante & Play, which differ slightly from each other. Multiple players can play at the same table, but each player always plays against the house. The three cards are dealt face down.

Once the player has received the cards in his hand, he is free to check his cards, after which the player has the option of either raising or handing. If the player loses his hand, the round ends and the set bets remain. However, if the player trusts his hand and decides to challenge the dealer, he will call.

This is followed by the final phase of the game, where the cards are exposed to the board. The player with the stronger hand wins the round and if the player is the winner, he or she is paid out based on the value of the hand. At a minimum, the game always wins a double bet on the round.

What makes the game exciting is that, unlike traditional poker, the amount of the player's win is determined by the value of the hand. This distinguishes the game from normal poker, where the value of the hand does not affect the size of the winning pot. For example, if a player wins the game with a pair, he / she will get back his / her double bet.